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It's become our trademark. 

Time after time, our customers thank us for solving tough odor complaint problems at a fraction of the cost that others were proposing. 

Many of our customers are municipalities with very tight budgets and citizens on fixed incomes.  These communities couldn't afford what others recommended.

 We've been told by many businesses that we were their last hope.  If we couldn't stop the complaints for a fraction of the cost proposed by others, they would have had to shutdown because they couldn't afford to move their business.


Employee and community safety is an ever-increasing concern.  Our commitment to you is to employ the safest odor control methods available.

Our Average Safety Record

 Human Toxicity: None

Fish Toxicity: None

VOC: None


For over a decade, this approach has successfully stopped thousands and thousands of neighbor and employee complaints.

In addition, our onsite demonstration program provides you, your neighbors, or employees the means to determine the success and satifaction of our approach before a final solution is implemented.